Wedding bells and ballots 👰💍🎩


After winning the primary on June 26, I took a day or two to regroup...and then it was a sprint of wedding planning details with Rich! It's been a busy few months, in the best of ways.

On a rainy Sunday evening, Rich and I exchanged vows in Chevy Chase, surrounded by our family and friends. My sister, Samantha (bottom left photo), was my maid of honor. Here's a few snapshots of our big day. 

Running for office is hard for candidates, and the stress has a ripple effect on those closest around us. Rich deserves a lot of props for being such a great partner and learning how to navigate this new arena with me.

Can't say thank you enough to people who have supported the campaign and at the top of the list is my new husband. 

Many thanks again and now back to our regular programming!

We won!

Wow! We did it! This was a tough race from the start, and yet we still made the impossible possible.

First time candidates only have about a 10% chance of winning.  These odds make it even more exciting to tell you that I was the top vote earner in a field of seven candidates. The fact that I was the only woman and that every cent in contributions came from individual donors is icing on the cake. 

2018 Primary Results

To the voters of District 39: thank you for giving me the honor to represent you. As you saw in this campaign, I give 100% and I don't plan on stopping. 

To supporters near and far: Every bit of your help got us to this place. Your postcards, calls, contributions, afternoons at the doors-- all helped to share my vision with D39 voters.  From the beginning, I wanted to run a truly grassroots campaign, not just one marketed as such.  Because of your support, our campaign not only won the most votes, but helped ignite new energy in the community.

I particularly want to thank my campaign manager Adam Finkel and treasurer Carly Brockinton. Campaigns come down to wrangling a million details. These two were the dream team and I'm so lucky to count them as friends.

Sen. Nancy King and Dels. Shane Robinson and Kirill Reznik have been such amazing running mates. Their mentorship has been invaluable. This victory is bittersweet though because Shane won't be returning to Annapolis. There's no doubt his unparalleled leadership on environmental issues will continue, albeit in a new role.   

There's so many folks who stepped up to lend a hand. I won't start to name names because if I accidentally left someone out I would feel horrible. But you know who you are and I am forever grateful.

Thank you again for everything. My heart is full and I'm ready to get to work.