Gov. Hogan signs Del. Lopez's first bill

House Bill 1027 makes it possible for state law enforcement to pursue predators who possess child porn in digital formats and that contains images of sexual conduct that does not involve physical or sexual contact with the victim. Currently, Maryland ranks among the most lax states in terms of child porn laws, but this legislation empowers our police and states attorneys to go after predators who could have only be pursued by federal authorities at this point.  

My first job in broadcasting was as a production assistant for America’s Most Wanted in Bethesda, and the many emotional stories I heard there are forever seared into my memory. Not only is the trauma from abuse and exploitation horrific, so is the fact that survivors have to live with knowing their abuser went free because of loopholes in the law. I’m glad to have partnered with some great allies like the Maryland State Attorneys Assoc. and MCASA to lead this change.