Five more weeks to go

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Five more weeks of legislative session in Annapolis to go! It's been a whirlwind (in fact, last Monday alone we had an 18-hour hearing on gun bills), and I'm really proud of the progress our D39 Annapolis team has made. 

Here’s a quick update on the four bills I introduced this session and a list of the ones I cosponsored:

H.B 0226- Increases the minimum food stamp benefit for those on disability from $15 to $30 per month, which is the allotment that seniors and people on social security currently receive. Presented to Appropriations in January, along with leaders in the disability rights community and the fight against hunger, awaiting vote from subcommittee.

H.B 0343- Makes the fine for driving around a stopped bus permanent.  PASSED COMMITTEE ALMOST UNANIMOUSLY

H.B 1027- Sets entrance-level and in-service police training standards for all Maryland law enforcement to include the criminal laws concerning hate crimes, the treatment of victims of hate crimes, and the proper procedures for reporting hate crime. TESTIFIED IN JUDICIARY COMMITTEE ON 2/26, WAITING TO HEAR ON SUBCOMMITTEE.

H.B 1027- Strengthens our state’s laws against child pornography to be just as strong as the federal law. HEARING ON MARCH 6 (WISH ME LUCK!)