We’re starting our fourth week of session and things are heating up!

Within a few days of swearing in, I cosponsored my first bill, which gives all sexual assault survivors the opportunity to file a restraining order against their attacker, and even introduced a bill of my own! This legislation — a direct result of feedback in the community — provides those who are disabled with eligibility for at least $30 in food stamps each month.

I’ve got three more bills in the works this session too, that aim to:
- Strengthen Maryland’s weak child pornography laws to be as tough as those at the federal level.
- Keep children safe by creating a permanent fine for driving around a stopped school bus. 
-Train all Maryland’s police to identify and properly respond to hate crimes.

The hearing for the disability bill is on Feb. 5, and we’ll send out some ways for you to support the legislation next week. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your support,

PS- I’d love to hear your insights on what legislation we should be working on in Annapolis and about what’s happening in your neighborhood. My official email (Lesley.Lopez@house.state.md.us) is working now, so drop me a line.

PPS- Check out some of the press clips (!!) about our work.

Washington Post included me in an article about several young women who were starting as leaders in Annapolis. It’s an honor to be featured along side the youngest Senator ever elected Sarah Elferth and my Emerge sister Wanika Fisher. These ladies inspire me everyday.

Master of her Craft podcast, hosted by the phenomenal Colette Breyer, asked me ahow being from a military family taught me about public service. In short, it taught me everything!

I was proud to stand with several legislators against a gas pipeline through the western region of our state and also urge the Metro to restore regular hours so that up county residents can have full access to public transit. Team work makes the dream work!